7 Tips for Farmhouse Decor

When my mother decided to start making farmhouse classroom resources, I asked her where she had this idea. She responded, “Your house.” I was flattered and honored, but I didn’t think my house was worthy of inspiration!

I live in a three-bedroom, brick ranch home and ever since I moved in, I chose to decorate it in a farmhouse cottage style. I decorated my house in 2010 before the popular show Fixer Upper even began in 2013. While I have used Joanna Gaines as an inspiration since, I started out with my very own country style and still stick to it.

I grew up in North Carolina and moved to Pennsylvania when I was 21, right after I was married. I spent the bulk of my childhood staring at cotton and tobacco fields and living in a farmhouse with a red tin roof and I loved it. I never lived in a neighborhood as a child and still have never lived in one. My favorite thing about country living is the open space and the quietness, well, except when my husband decides to target shoot outside or get on the tractor.

I grew up with chickens chasing me around a yard. I grew up in bare feet with mud between my toes. I grew up with barn kittens and a mother who planted a vegetable garden every year. I grew up with a clothesline to dry my clothes and still to this day, I miss that smell. So, I feel like I know farmhouse living in my bones.

My farmhouse decor has its own uniqueness to it. I love the grays and steel blues and whites of Joanna Gaines type decorating, but I also love roosters and bright reds reminiscent of an older country style. I love beat up, chippy furniture and worn-in bead board. I love imperfections and soft lighting from old lamps. I love scratched, worn in tables and the smell of an open window. These elements make for a cozy home nostalgic of your grandmother’s old house, instead of a cold neutral modern look.

Tip #1 Farmhouse Decor: Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid of pops of color. I love a good farmhouse red to contrast against neutrals. A bright yellow, a grass green, or a milky blue all look great against the whites of a farmhouse wall.

Tip #2 Farmhouse Decor: Wood

Use wood! I love wooden picture frames on the walls and wooden shelves. I also love wooden spoons to decorate with. Pop them in a crock and there’s an instant purposeful decoration. They look especially good if they’re broken in and older looking.

Tip #3 Farmhouse Decor: Fabric and Textures

Use fabric and textures. Put up curtains. Lay out tablecloths. Use a variety of textured placemats. Use chair cushions and burlap pillows. For curtains and tablecloths, I love to stick to whites or beiges to complement those pops of color.

Tip #4 Farmhouse Decor: Metal and Glass Pitchers

Old metal white or red glass pitchers look beautiful on a counter, as a centerpiece, or on a shelf.

Tip #5 Farmhouse Decor: Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and rooster decor give off the vibe that when you step out the door, there might be a little hen at your ankles. What could be more farm-like than that?

Tip #6 Farmhouse Decor: Metal Baskets

Use metal baskets. I love metal baskets to store potatoes and onions. Metal and wood baskets can be purposeful and decorative at the same time.

Tip #7 Farmhouse Decor: Be Yourself

Lastly, put your personality into it! Do not try to carbon copy anyone’s blog, Instagram, or television show. If you love cows, put some cows on your walls. If you hate pristine white, but love a soft yellow, use that instead. Choose pieces that represent you. After all, you have to be in that space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch built by my dad completely out of pallet wood in his woodshop. He used Driftwood Gray stain to create this beautiful Farmhouse Rustic Decor Design.


All 7 of the above tips can be easily used in your home or farmhouse classroom. As I was cleaning my house and thinking of my mother’s response of my home being HER inspiration for farmhouse resources, I thought about how she had it all wrong. My childhood and her choice to live out in the country to raise her children inspired me and shaped my home style. Her choice to put white ruffle curtains in my bedroom as a child inspired me. Her desire to have chickens and fresh eggs made me love rooster decor. Her warmth and love gave me the confidence to pursue my own farmhouse style. I try to emulate that cozy feeling she gives me as her daughter when I walk through my doors. So, she, in turn, is her own inspiration for farmhouse classroom resources. It all began with her.

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