Farmhouse Decor Windmills

Windmills Are In

King’s Home Furnishings

We visited our favorite Amish gift shop, King’s Home Furnishings, in Lancaster County, PA, recently. I wanted to make the trip before school started back and to pick up some birthday presents for myself with my hubby footing the bill. Hey, that is the best of both worlds for me.

I tell you, I can hear angels sing when I walk through those doors. And yes, windmills, pumpkins, and the color gray seem to be their theme this year. This windmill and the farmhouse sign are going to look perfect near my Farmhouse Classroom Decor Windmill Clock Bulletin Board in the library. If I could just have purchased everything on display that day it would have made my birthday even better. Nevertheless, I am super, super thankful for what I did receive. Can’t wait to begin decorating with all those goodies.

If you ever do visit Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, please look King’s Home Furnishings up and stop by. It will be so worth the trip. Plus, then you can tell me if you heard those angels sing too as you crossed that threshold. I swear I really did.

Since it was my birthday, I would love to give you a gift as well. Please click here to grab some of my Farmhouse Classroom Decor freebies. Hope you enjoy. If you ever show them off on Instagram, please tag me at @obsessedwithlearning. Can’t wait to see what ideas you can come up with.