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Farmhouse Classroom Ideas

Classroom decor trends come and go. Remember that time during the summer of 2020 when we were all obsessed with making virtual Bitmoji classrooms? It was a ton of fun but lasted for about a minute. As teachers, we don’t make a lot of money (shocker, I know), so it’s not as financially feasible to change up our classroom theme and decor every year…even though it is really fun to do so! 

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Creating a Cozy and Conducive Space

One of the most enjoyable parts of teaching is decorating a classroom and creating a cozy and conducive space for learning. It is a place you spend all day, and it becomes a second home to you and your little family for a school year. I have seen so many fun classroom themes from co-workers including llamas, jungle-themes, camping, superheroes, and even Star Wars! 

Perfect Timeless Theme

It’s financially important, no matter your theme, to create a space that can last year to year and that is timeless. Over my teaching career, I’ve stuck with two themes. When I first started teaching, my classroom was owl-themed. (It actually helped spawn the name, Obsessed with Learning-OWL!) 

After seven years, and moving up to middle school, my theme changed to a rustic coffee classroom. It was so cozy and timeless. It was like stepping into a picturesque coffee shop. It was like stepping into Joanna Gaines’s beautiful farmhouse to enjoy a steaming hot coffee in a pale blue mug to enjoy a slow southern chat. 

Joanna Gaines, Farmhouse Chic Decorating Style

Speaking of Joanna Gaines, in 2013, her farmhouse chic decorating style exploded and took the world by storm. We decorated our homes in her modern farmhouse rustic looks and soon, transformed our classrooms into them as well. Yet, Joanna Gaines is not the inventor of the farmhouse look. It’s been around for decades and will continue to be. 

That’s why farmhouse classroom decor is the perfect timeless theme that can carry on year after year. 

Why Farmhouse Classroom Décor?

If you love farmhouse classroom decor and want to be convinced your students will like it too, look no further. 

Stunning and Conducive to Learning

By immersing your class in a farmhouse-type environment that is both visually stunning and conducive to learning, it will evoke a sense of warmth, simplicity, and the feeling of home.

Natural Elements

By adding plants and natural elements, farmhouse decor helps students and even the teacher feel calm and at peace. A farmhouse classroom creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that puts students at ease and fosters a sense of family.

What Elements Make Up A Farmhouse Classroom Décor?

To create an authentic farmhouse-inspired classroom, there are several essential decorations you should consider incorporating. These elements will help set the rustic tone and create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

1. Weathered Wood:

Weathered wood is a key element in farmhouse decor. Incorporate weathered wooden bookshelves, rocking chairs, and wooden pencil and supply holders to give your classroom a farmhouse touch. You can also use weathered wood to create decorative accents such as wooden signs and frames. Yard sales, thrift stores, and even your grandmother’s garage are all great places to start. 

Printable Weathered Wood

Incorporating a printable weathered wood border on signs or bulletin boards is an easy way to bring in those farmhouse decor elements as well. 

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2. Chalkboards:

Vintage-inspired chalkboards are a staple in farmhouse decor. Most of our classrooms have whiteboards these days, but chalkboards can be purchased as individual student boards for centers or math or spelling practice. Chalkboards not only add a rustic charm but also provide a versatile learning tool for students to express their creativity and showcase their knowledge. 

Here is a pack of 6 chalkboards at an inexpensive price. 

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You could also utilize the chalkboard look as hanging signs or even as a central point at rug-time. This Ikea chalkboard has been staple at home and in my classroom for years. 

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Here are some beautiful printable chalkboard signs. 

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Fall Chalkboard Signs:

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3. Mason Jars:

Mason jars are an inexpensive farmhouse decoration. Use them as pencil holders, storage containers, or even as vases for flowers. Mason jars add a touch of country charm and can be easily personalized with ribbons, tags, or labels. Glass mason jars aren’t sensible in a classroom, so plastic ones are a great idea. 

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Mason jar signs and decor is also more sensible than actual glass jars as well. It still pulls together the farmhouse look. 

4. Galvanized Metal:

Galvanized metal accents, such as buckets, trays, and planters add an industrial touch to farmhouse decor. Use galvanized metal containers for storage or as plant holders. Their rugged and sturdy appearance adds character and complements the rustic aesthetic. Label each container with chalkboard labels or vintage-inspired tags for easy organization. Incorporate wicker or basket storage bins for added texture and warmth.

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5. Natural Elements:

Incorporate natural elements such as burlap, linen, and plants and flowers to add depth and warmth to your classroom. Use burlap ribbon, linen curtains, and beautiful plants to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Burlap ribbon can adorn mason jars and work as textured bulletin border. Linen curtains create a cozy, home-like feel giving such an inviting atmosphere.

Cover bulletin boards with burlap or linen fabric for a rustic backdrop. Use mini clotheslines to display student artwork, photos, or important information. Add floral or greenery garlands for a touch of nature. These natural textures enhance the farmhouse theme and create a tactile experience for students. 

If you don’t have these items readily on hand, printable versions work well too.

Burlap Printable  Bows

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Plant Clip Art

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Sunflower Bulletin Board

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6. Twinkle Lights

Hang twinkle or fairy lights around your whiteboard to add a magical touch. Twinkle lights can also cozy up a book corner or classroom library and make an adorable tent a warm and inviting place to read. Grab some clothespins and hang student work in between the lights on the same string. Turn out the overhead lights on a rainy day and turn on the twinkle lights for a soothing ambiance. Twinkle lights remind us of those fireflies buzzing around at dusk in the countryside. 

If you want to go a step further and include printable twinkle lights into your classroom, take a gander at these links!

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Incorporate the cozy light vibe with our Farmhouse Firefly Bulletin Board. 

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Farmhouse Classroom Themes

When it comes to farmhouse classroom themes, the possibilities are endless. Farmhouse doesn’t mean strictly only the elements above. It also means you can add anything else to match the grade you’re teaching and the vibe you’re going for!

Here are some popular themes that can help you create a captivating atmosphere in your classroom:

1. Farm Life:

Bring the charm of the countryside into your classroom with a farm life theme. Incorporate elements such as barn doors, farm animal cutouts, garden posters, and pillows made to look like hay bales to create a fun and interactive learning environment. Use farm-themed posters and books to teach students about life on a farm and the importance of agriculture. This would be adorable in a primary grades classroom, and it would get your students so excited about all they see. 

2. Garden Oasis:

Create a serene and tranquil atmosphere with a garden oasis theme. Use floral and plant signs, hanging planters, and potted flowers to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Set up a small indoor garden where students can learn about plants and participate in hands-on gardening activities too. 

3. Vintage Schoolhouse:

Take a trip back in time with a vintage schoolhouse theme. Use antique-inspired furniture, vintage maps, and old-fashioned school supplies to recreate the charm of a bygone era. Incorporate vintage-inspired educational posters and books to engage students in a nostalgic learning experience.

4. Country Cottage:

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a country cottage theme. Use soft, pastel colors, floral patterns, and vintage lace to transform your classroom into a charming cottage retreat. Incorporate cozy reading corners and comfortable seating areas to encourage students to relax and enjoy a good book.

5. Farmhouse Coffee Shop:

I used this theme when I taught middle and high school English. I loved the rustic elements of metal and wood paired with twinkle lights, porcelain mugs, a cozy reading nook, and some lovely plants. Adding in a rooster here and there really made it feel like a coffee shop in the countryside.

Grab our complete Farmhouse Coffee Shop Theme here. 

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Incorporating farmhouse classroom ideas into your room can transform your area into a captivating space that invites students into a warm and inviting environment. By immersing your students in a world of home-like elements, simplicity, and nature, you can inspire creativity, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. So why settle for a bare classroom when you can immerse your students in the rustic charm of farmhouse classroom decorations?

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