Self Care for this Teacher

I’m thankful that the first fall Saturday was ushered in with the sounds of soft rain and the sight of falling leaves. There’s just something about rain in autumn and a cloudy sky that makes me want to turn all the lamps on. It makes a restful scene on this day off from the busyness of the school week. 

Fall Décor Lighted Lamp Autumn Leaves Orange Candle Fall Poster
Surrounding Yourself with Soothing Décor Creates
A Restful Environment

The ambience of a glowing lamp creates a serene home, but are we really unwinding? Teachers are notorious for not taking a break from the hustle. How can we when there seems to be no time to relax, no time for self-care? 

21st Century Teachers Endure Stress Virtual Instruction Demanding Emails Grade Book Lesson Plans
21st Century Teachers Are Enduring More Stress Than Ever Before

The to-do list is long and never ending from chores at home to schoolwork we just couldn’t get to. Add in the mix that many of us are also teaching virtually, whether full time or part time in addition to in-person teaching, and this all combined leaves very little time for self-care.

Nevertheless, we must make time.

  • Put down the grade book. You’ve spent enough time grading.
  • Put down the laptop and the teacher editions. You’ve spent enough time lesson planning.
  • Put away the email you were about to send and just rest.

You will feel much better if you pick up a favorite book, light a pumpkin candle, and read with the rain in the background.

Self Care for Teachers, Lighted Candle, Favorite Fall Beverage Rainy Fall Day Relaxation
Lighted Candles and a Favorite Fall Beverage Make a Huge Difference
  • Grab a mug of apple cider and watch a good show.
  • Paint your nails that deep burgundy for fall.
  • Or else just take a long shower and feel your muscles relax. 

The work will be there when you’re ready. And you’ll have more energy and patience to tackle it because you chose time for self care, time to care for yourself first. 

Teacher Relaxing and Drinking a Cup of Tea in the Fall
Teachers Do Their Best Work When They Care For Themselves First

Rest isn’t a bad four-letter word. It’s the care we need to replenish our souls to do the work we are called to do. 

We hope you were able to enjoy your first fall Saturday.

First Rule of Self Care No One Can Pour From an Empty Cup Especially Teachers Teachers Must Use Self Care
No One Can Pour From An Empty Cup –
First Rule of Self Care

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