Self Care

Hello Summer Self-Care

I’m so thankful for summer. It is a time for everyone to recharge by sleeping in a little later, taking deeper breaths, and just having the time to eat a meal in more than 3 bites.

Yes, summertime is an awesome perk for being a teacher. I consider the time we have off in the summer as payback for all that overtime we banked during the school year.

Even though Self-Care has become a double 4 letter word in the teacher world, summertime is truly a good time to revisit those plans you made while we were working away in school. You remember all those things you said about taking better care of yourself if you only had the time.

So, without further ado, here are a few of our Self-Care ideas for summer:

Spend some time getting back in touch with nature.

If you have the space, now would be a great time to plant a few plants for a beautiful fall garden. If space is an issue, grab a couple of plants from a hardware store. Match it with a beautiful vase. Whoa, a simple and relaxing way to connect with nature during this down time.

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Take lots of long, hot baths.

Yes, now that we are in the summer season, this would be a perfect time to relax with long hot baths each day. Grab some lavender bubble bath, some aroma candles, and your favorite warm tea. Ahhh is all I can say.

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Go easy on yourself by starting out slowly, or if you have been doing this a while, challenge yourself with a more strenuous action plan. I have included a second workout, not a long one, but a second one, to let my body know that I have some extra time to spend on taking care of it this summer. Consider adding an additional workout. For example, if you bike, add walking or vice versa. Summertime is a great time to do those activities that you love to do and enjoy the most.


As we have told our students all year, take time to read and enjoy a good book. Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on your reading wish list. I have several I hope to finish before I return in late August. Definitely time to take my own advice and read to my heart’s desire.  

If you would love some inspiration to encourage you to enjoy your summer a little bit more, grab these affirmations to place on your frig or bathroom mirror to remind you that this is your time.

Most importantly, please remember that this is your downtime, that time we have been dreaming of all year. Do the things you love and hide those lesson plan agendas. Better yet, remove them completely from your computer by storing them on a flash drive hidden in your teacher bag in a deep dark closet. This is your time. Please enjoy every moment.

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