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6 Tips for Using One-Pager Book Reports

I first heard of one-pager book reports when I was thrust into the world of high school English. I had been an elementary school teacher up until that point. (That is a story for another day.) Not having been in a high school English classroom for around eleven years, I utilized Pinterest and Instagram as… Continue reading 6 Tips for Using One-Pager Book Reports

English Language Arts

5 Characterization Activities

American screenwriter Bob Gale once said, “The three things that matter most in a story are characters, characters, and characters.” Characterization is one of my favorite lessons to concentrate on in the ELA classroom. Characterization is the representation of a character in a fictional work. It is the traits that are shown, both inner and… Continue reading 5 Characterization Activities

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Poetry Virtual Library

As an elementary librarian, I am always on the lookout for books that will interest my readers, keep them engaged, and at the same time, leave them wanting more. This sounds so simple on paper, but it is definitely a huge endeavor. With that, I have created a Poetry Virtual Library to share with you… Continue reading Poetry Virtual Library