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Fashion Ideas for the Classroom Teacher

I don’t know about you, but the days I don’t like my outfit, I feel a bit “off.” When I love what I’m wearing, I feel more confident and joyful, ready to take on whatever the day holds. Thus, the concept for Fashion Ideas for the Classroom Teacher was born.

During my virtual teaching stint in 2020, one of the aspects I missed about teaching in-person was getting dressed everyday and feeling put together. Oddly, I never knew I would miss that, but I definitely did.

While teaching in-person, taking the time to get dressed every morning in a comfortable yet put-together outfit was a way to help me feel ready to tackle the day. If I felt confident, I felt like I could face anything.

I quickly learned to do the same with virtual teaching. (At least, get dressed professionally from the waist up, even if the bottom consisted of leggings or pajama pants. Who’s with me?)

When it comes to outfits, I especially love dresses. They are comfy and allow me to move a bit more freely while teaching. 

Also, I really love affordable dresses! We all know that a teacher’s salary doesn’t afford Nordstrom brand styles, so all of these dresses are from Amazon and under thirty dollars each. 

Here are some dresses I’m loving these days:

Sherosa Dresses

Long Sleeve Dresses for Women Casual Summer V-Neck Ruffle Swing Tunic Dress B Polka Dot Dark Green M

I have this dress in two different sizes and three different colors. The larger size makes the dress longer on me. It is true to size. I’ve worn these dresses with leggings in the winter, with some boots in the fall, and with sandals and flats in the springtime.

Long Sleeve Dresses for Women Casual Summer V-Neck Ruffle Swing Tunic Dress A Red Wine L

This dress is really flattering, especially since I had my second baby a year ago.

Amoretu Sleeveless Dress

This dress is the sleeveless version of it, and I love it for summer and even spring to fall with a jean jacket. It is true to size. 

Amoretu Women’s Deep V Neck Loose Shift Summer Tunic Dress Sleevelesss Black M


Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, so that’s why I got this one.  (Daisies are my very favorite!) This dress is so comfortable, flowy, true to size, and hits right past the knees. 

OUGES Women’s Short Sleeve V Neck Button Down Midi Skater Dress with Pockets (Black Floral01, M)


Speaking of sunflowers, I absolutely love this dress. I even wore it for pictures in our sunflower field! I have worn it with a cardigan, a jean jacket, boots and leggings, and sandals all throughout the year. It is so versatile and flowy! 

KIRUNDO Women’s Summer Mini Dress Sleeveless Ruffle Sleeve Round Neck Solid Color Loose Fit Short Flowy Pleated Dress (Medium, Red Wine)


Pink is one of my favorite colors. This dress hits right at the knees and I always get a ton of compliments on this one. It is true to size. 

KIRUNDO Summer Women’s Floral Ruffle Hem Mini Dress Short Sleeves V Neck High Waist Loose Boho Dress(Pink, M)

YADIFEN Biker Shorts

Extras: I always put a pair of biker shorts underneath my dresses, in case I have to bend down or get on the floor. It helps me feel comfortable. 

YADIFEN 3 Pack Biker Shorts for Women – 8″ Soft Stretchy Athletic Short Pants High Waisted Yoga Cycling Workout Shorts Black

VIV Leggings Collection

The thing I love about dresses is I can throw some leggings underneath and a cardigan or jean jacket on top, and I’m ready for the autumn and winter months. 

VIV Collection Leggings Yoga Waistband Soft NO Pocket (Reg, Black)


During a time in which teaching can be so overwhelming, we must find the fun parts of it. To me, dressing well and affordably is an enjoyable part of teaching. I hope you are able to find the fun parts of teaching for you! 

Self Care for Teachers

Self Care Activities – Teaching is Like Laundry

It’s Never Ending, So You Must Learn to Care for Yourself Too

One Friday morning, I sat at my vanity doing some of my self-care activities when I realized I was surrounded by baskets of laundry. There were baskets of dirty clothes waiting to be washed and baskets of clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away.

Slightly annoyed at the thought of having to deal with that later this weekend, I started rattling off my to-do list in my head. I also had “piles” of papers to grade and “piles” of virtual assignments to grade. In addition, there were “piles” of papers that I needed to copy as well.

Self Care Activities - Teachinig is like Laundry, always more to do
Teaching is like laundry – There is always one more thing to do

Piles, Piles, and Piles

I laughed to myself as I realized teaching is like laundry. There are piles everywhere and it’s never ending. It is never ending because students continue to do assignments everyday that needs to be graded. There will always be more lessons to plan and emails to answer.

Just like we wear clothes everyday and laundry becomes unavoidable, so is the continuous stream of schoolwork.

While At Home, Focus on Caring for Yourself

Yet, at home, I let the laundry pile up because I’ve done this for years now. I’ve had more pressing matters throughout the week than attending to the folding of the laundry. I will eventually fold and put away all those clothes. However, over the years, I don’t fret over it anymore.

Teaching is like laundry. It's never ending.
Teaching is like laundry. It’s never ending.

So, why do I fret over schoolwork so much, even after nearly eleven years of teaching? Sometimes the schoolwork piles up because, like laundry, I’ve been busy with all of the other aspects of teaching.

A Promise

So, sitting there at my vanity that Friday morning, I made myself a promise, a self-care promise.

I promise I will not be consumed by the to-do list of laundry OR schoolwork. All of this work will eventually get done. I need to take a deep breath in the meantime and enjoy my life.

Self Care Activity - Make Yourself a Promise
Self Care Tip – Make Yourself a Promise

Self Care Activities

So here are some self care activities I will do this weekend

  • Sip a latte
Self Care Activity - Read for Pleasure
Self Care Tip – Read for Pleasure

Self Care Activity - Go For a Walk
Self Care Tip – Walk for Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Marvel at the fall foliage
  • Do anything that helps me to pause and breathe

In Conclusion

After all, the piles will be there after I rest. That is something that can be counted on.

Self Care Activities - Do it for Them
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Self-Care for This Teacher
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Self-Care for This Teacher