End-of-Year Activities, English Language Arts

Summertime Descriptive Essay for Students

A Southern Summer When I think back to my childhood summers, I think of magic. I grew up in North Carolina where it was sweltering and sticky, and the humidity was so thick you couldn’t breathe. Now that I’m a Pennsylvanian, I don’t know how I ever survived those fiery summers, but I did have… Continue reading Summertime Descriptive Essay for Students

End-of-Year Activities

10 Quick End-of-Year Ideas

Over here on Obsessed with Learning, my mother and I are left with a couple of days to entertain our students without academic expectations. What do we do? We have a movie or two planned for our students! But even students get tired of movies. (Believe me! We’ve learned the hard way.) We thought of some… Continue reading 10 Quick End-of-Year Ideas

End-of-Year Activities

Countdown to Summer

To take advantage of this abundance of energy and to steer them in the right (write) direction, we created our Countdown to Summer Sunflower Bulletin Board and Google Slide. Can’t wait for summer to begin? I bet your students can’t either. I know mine can't. We wanted to channel their energy in the right (write)… Continue reading Countdown to Summer