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7 Tips for Remote Learning and Virtual Teaching

Remote learning and virtual teaching can be phrases that send shivers down the spines of educators. When I hear those words, I immediately think back to spring 2020. I was TRYING to teach virtually to approximately sixty middle and high schoolers. Not to mention, I had a newborn daughter, a first-grade son, a lot of… Continue reading 7 Tips for Remote Learning and Virtual Teaching

Distance Learning

Spring, Flowers, and Miss Rumphius

Growing up, my mother was a gardener. I have vivid memories of her every spring, in the dirt, growing lettuce, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers...you name it. There’s nothing like the taste of a salad, freshly washed, from your own backyard. When I was in third grade, my favorite teacher, Miss Sykes read to us, “Miss Rumphius.”… Continue reading Spring, Flowers, and Miss Rumphius

Distance Learning

7 Tips for Teaching Face to Face in a Pandemic

As many teachers are preparing to shift from completely virtual to a hybrid model, they have many questions about how to teach face to face during a pandemic. Here are some surprises and tips. At this point, I have been teaching full-time, face to face during the pandemic for nearly six weeks.