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The Snatchabook Book Review

The Snatchabook, written and Illustrated by Helen and Thomas Docherty, is a perfect story book to begin the new school year.

The Snatchabook, written and Illustrated by Helen and Thomas Docherty

If you would like to read a quaint, little fantasy and stay within the mystery genre, this book is definitely for you and your children or students.

Who’s stealing all the stories?

Who is snatching all the bedtime stories from the inhabitants of Burrow Down?

Eliza Brown, a clever, little rabbit, is desperate to solve this mystery when her bedtime book suddenly disappears during story time one night. However, she isn’t the only one. Suddenly, all the little critters of Burrow Down are missing their books as well.

Not wanting to go without a bedtime story, Eliza decides to set out to discover just who is behind this mystery. That is, until she runs face to face with a Snatchabook, a furry little fairy-like creature who is so desperate for a bedtime story that he decides to snatch everyone’s books for his very own.

Wonder how ideas for such awesome books like this come about? Watch Helen and Thomas Docherty discuss the idea for this adorable read.

A must read aloud. The rhythm and rhyme of this treasure will lure even the most reluctant reader deep into its snatches. If this adorable storyline wasn’t enough, the drawings are supreme. The illustrations utilize the colors Dr. Seuss was so famous for, but with a modern twist of enchantment.

If you have ever wondered what Dr. Seuss’ stories would be like in the modern world of children’s literature, then this is a must read. The author and illustrator team of Helen and Thomas Docherty takes Dr. Seuss’ work to a whole new level, delivering his dream of what great children’s literature should be.

Now, for some awesome fun, DOWNLOAD Thomas Docherty’s guide on how to draw your own Snatchabook. Click below.

The Snatchabook is a must-read for every parent, homeschool mom and dad, elementary teacher, and children’s librarian.

Want more? Please visit Helen Docherty’s Website.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

Best Attribute: Rhythm and Rhyme

Accelerated Reader Level 3.3

Be sure to stop by your local library or bookstore and grab your copy today.

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