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5 Winter Picture Books to Teach Figurative Language

In college, my beloved Reading Methods professor read us picture books at the beginning of class. As twenty-something-old college students, we relished those five-ten minutes it took for her to read a book. We could relax, get lost in something other than student teaching hours, seminars, and projects, and just enjoy a good story. When… Continue reading 5 Winter Picture Books to Teach Figurative Language

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Teaching Descriptive Poetry in November

November is the perfect backdrop for poetry. With the constantly changing leaves that fall like snow, the dark and dreary smoke wisp clouds, and colorful foliage peppering the grey-green lawn, there are so many inspirational scenes to use for teaching descriptive poetry in November. April is National Poetry month and what an exquisite time to… Continue reading Teaching Descriptive Poetry in November

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Poetry Virtual Library

As an elementary librarian, I am always on the lookout for books that will interest my readers, keep them engaged, and at the same time, leave them wanting more. This sounds so simple on paper, but it is definitely a huge endeavor. With that, I have created a Poetry Virtual Library to share with you… Continue reading Poetry Virtual Library